Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I can't resist.

My poor blog has taken a back seat for a while. And, I'm not promising that I'll be posting daily, but I just can't resist sharing some Holiday cheer. This time of year always seems to leave me feeling sentimental, and that usually leads me to write up a little blog post.

I've been waiting for this winter magic to overcome our house all. year. long.
I am SUCH a Christmas nut. I really can't get enough of it. And as much as I look forward to it, and count down the days to it (Heck, I'm usually tempted to buy myself one of those chocolate advent calendars, along with the kids! But maybe a nice one...like a Lindor one. Because let's face it, the chocolates from the cheap ones taste like cardboard. Delicious as a kid, of course, but as an adult? I guess I've become a bit of a chocolate snob.)...I also try so hard to stretch out each festive day as long as I possibly can, sucking every last drop of holiday goodness out of it. I start to panic when we get into the single digits on our calendars (No, I don't actually have one. But I should.), because that means we're that much closer to it being over. No more excuses to wear red and white striped socks, to light up the house with twinkle lights, and the soft sounds of "O holy Night" dancing through the kitchen. No more wrapping gifts every night, around midnight, once all the hustle and bustle has settled down. It's just all over in a flash, and it's back to reality, and back to the top of the (yearly) countdown, until Christmas.

I'm going to miss it.

But this year...this year is going to take the cake for the best Christmas EVER. I can feel it.
Jaxson is at the perfect age. I keep telling him about Christmas - explaining how he'll wake up to a mountain of presents (Yep, a mountain. Mama went a little over board on the shopping. Just a little.), and a stocking full of goodies. And his eyes light up, but I don't think he can truly grasp it. Until Christmas morning - it's going to be magic. I can't wait to see his big, blue eyes light up as he realizes Santa ate all his cookies, and drank his milk....and left a see of red and white packages under the tree. I can't freaking WAIT!

This month has been full of holiday parties. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner out, for Trevor's company Holiday Party...I hosted a cookie exchange with a group of wonderful mamas...and this past weekend, we hosted my side of the family for our annual Christmas Bash. I think it was the best one yet.

We ate lots of good food, and sampled all sorts of wine.

We exchanged a few gifts (including these awesome "Morphsuits" we gave to my nephews - they were a big hit.).

My family snuggled my babies, and made them feel extra special, and extremely loved.

We played some Christmas themed, "Minute to Win it" games. (What a blast...seriously recommend for every holiday party. We had some really great laughs!)

 (The object is to swing a red pom pom, attached to a string, onto your vaseline covered nose, using only your mouth. Even funnier when you use sparkly pom poms that don't actually stick to your nose.)
 (Junk in the trunk! Attach a kleenex box to your back, with 12 jingle bells in it, and try to shake them all out. Hilarious.)
And, we had a fun little "Photo Booth"!

It was just bliss. And, it even snowed a tiny bit. Just enough to dust the roof tops, and give the trees a little sparkle. Holiday magic, baby...we're sucking out every last drop.

This week we'll be building gingerbread houses, wrapping up the last of the wrapping (witty, I know), and having little friends over for a Pizza and Polar Express Party. It's the last week to indulge in all things Christmas, and we're going all out!

I want to wish all of my friends and family a Wonderful Christmas, and nothing but good things to come in the new year - lots of love and laughter, because that's what life is all about.
Merry Christmas. xoxo

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun!! I want to go to one of your parties! Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family <3


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