Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkins Galore!

Festive spirit is high in this house, as we gear up for Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving falls super early this year, and I love it! It means we get to deck the porch with pumpkins, and make rustic leaf accents to display on the dining table for almost a whole month - all the way to Halloween!

Last night, the kids were tired and cranky, but I refused to let it dampen the fun I had planned. I got them all sugared up on chocolate, to recharge their batteries, and we ventured on a little jaunt to the grocery store to find the perfect pumpkin (or 6). I know, I know, the pumpkin patch would have been way cooler, but we already have a trip planned a couple weeks from now, and I want pumpkins right then and there. So to the grocery store we went.

Then, we bought more chocolate. Yep, the sugar high doesn't last long, before the next sugar crash comes! Bad mama, I know. But this week I have been cutting Jaxson's nap out. It's been an off and on battle for a couple months now, and I finally decided to just bite the bullet and do it. The kid was napping 3+ hours per day, and then staying up until all hours of the night. It just wasn't working anymore.
So, it just means lots of snacks throughout the day, to keep him happy and keep him going, until 7:00 rolls around and I can put him to bed.

They had lots of fun decorating the porch and garden with pumpkins, corn, and cutesy scarecrows. And then we just chilled on the front lawn for a while, because it was a beautiful fall evening.

(This picture is classic - this is her "I'm trying so hard to sit up" pose.)

This weekend holds a promise of lots of fun, laughter, and good food. We'll be heading to Rockton for their Annual Fall Fair, to eat some tasty fall treats and test out our favorite rides, then we'll have a full house for a delicious Thanksgiving feast, followed by an annual family gathering on Monday, that we like to call the Turkey Bowl. Football, hot chocolate, and pastries all around! Makin' memories, baby...I can't wait!

Happy Hump Day!

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