Friday, September 30, 2011

When life gets the best of you.

I often hear questions like "How do you do it all?" or "Where do you find the time?", and the answer is, I don't. I do what I can, and I take each day as it comes. This week each day has come with temper tantrums, a few sleepless nights, and a mountain of chores that just keeps getting bigger. But I do what I can. I nurse a fussy baby, while the laundry sits unfolded, in a basket. I follow time-outs with snuggles, and explanations about why life is just not fair sometimes, while the dishes pile up on the counter. I help with homework, and give advice about boys, and leave the days blog post for another day. I do what I can, and they always come first.

If you haven't read this poem, you must. It speaks to the heart, powerful and strong. It speaks the truth, and should never be forgotten.

(brings a tear to my eye, without fail, every time.)

So, when life gets the best of you, remember these words. The cleaning and chores really can wait til tomorrow. Spend your days making memories, and enjoying every moment.
Oh, and hang this sign in your front entryway.

This week was certainly not our happiest. Being two is tough, and comes with many different challenges. But, we made the best of it. Distraction is often the key to preventing meltdowns. Remind them why life is good, so they're not stuck thinking about the complicated puzzle that is being a toddler. In this time where they are trying to find their independence, develop their own personality, and become little people, hold their hand, guide them gently, and show them that it's not all bad. Explore with them, do safe activities that allow you to shorten their leash and give them the freedom they crave so badly.

The answer for us is lots of time outdoors.They can run, they can touch, they can be loud, they can get dirty, they can let it all out!

So for now, the Organization Challenge has been pushed aside (Hmph!), and lovin' on babes is taking front and centre. Tomorrow is a new day!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a fantastic weekend!

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