Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's Pinboard.

If you're ever at a loss for meal ideas, Pinterest is the place to be. The number if mouth watering recipes floating around that place are endless. Everything from main dishes, to sides and starters, to fun kids snacks, to scrumptious desserts! I've made a few new dishes from Pinterest, already, but I have about a million more pinned that I am dying to make!
Here are just a few: (I am not including any sweets in this grouping, because they definitely deserve their own post!)

1.Autumn chopped salad - with pears, cranberries, feta, bacon and chicken.

2.Lemon poppy seed pancakes.

3.Lasagna Cups. The filling is wrapped with the lasagna noodles, and baked in a muffin tin. How cool is that?!

4.Roasted garlic potato soup. This looks like something I should make this week - the temperatures are really dropping, and some soup on a cool night would be perfect!

5.Roasted Broccoli..... The. Best. Broccoli. Of. Your. Life.
(Seriously, this could  not taste any better. I could eat it every single, devour an entire head of it in one breath.)

6.Creamy Caprese Pasta. Pasta, cream, cheese, tomatoes, basil....heaven.

7.Cheesy bacon pull-apart biscuits.

8.Teriyaki chicken salad.

9.Crispy, oven baked, garlic parmesan fries.

10.Mozzarella and Basil puff pastry twists.

Hungry yet?

Happy Thursday, and Happy Pinning!

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