Monday, September 19, 2011

It's here, it's here!!

What's here, you ask?

It's this special delivery, of all of my most favorite things, wrapped up with a crimson red bow. It's the smell of cinnamon, and cloves, the luscious feeling of a chunky knit sweater bundled around your shoulders, the sweet warmth of mulled cider and hot chocolate.
It's Fall.

The temperatures are just right - cool enough to wrap the kids up in cozy sweaters and socks, but warm enough that we can still play at the park for hours without getting cold.
I do have one complaint, though, and that is the ever-looming possibility of precipitation. The forecast has looked like this for weeks. Mind you, it hasn't actually rained often, but the pressure in the air, and the clouds that loom over us, threatening to rain on our parade make for awful headaches. So, if that little element could just dissipate, and leave us to enjoy my most favorite time of the year, it would be perfect.

I really can't express how much I freaking love fall. The thought of trips to the pumpkin patch, pulling hot pies out of the oven, the vibrant colors of the changing leaves gets me so pumped up. It inspires me to make wonderful memories with my kids, and to fill their little spirits with the same love of the season that I posses.
In fact, I love fall so much that we exchanged vows during this time, and had leaf fights with our wedding party. It was bliss.

This year, the list is long...the list of memories I want to make. Some of the must-do's are:
Visit the apple orchard
Make pies with the kids
Rake colorful leaves into mountains and jump in them for hours
Fill the house with the smell of cider, mulling with fragrant cinnamon sticks and cloves
Make a fall wreath
Visit the pumpkin patch
Carve pumpkins
Deck the porch out with mums, corn stalks, and other fall goodies
Serve up a mouth watering Thanksgiving feast
Make a "Thankful jar" and teach the kids about giving thanks, and being grateful
Drink many pumpkin spice lattes
I could go on and on, the possibilities are endless.
What are some of your favorite things to enjoy in the fall?
Happy Monday. I hope your week is full of love, laughter, and many things to be thankful for.

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