Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I like this blog.

I like the moments spent sitting here, staring at this blank page and reflecting on my day. The moments that wouldn't otherwise be had, if it weren't for this place...this space for spilling out thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears and memories. In these moments, the best portions of the day play in my mind like a slideshow, slowly rewinding photographic images of time spent with my kids, my family. As each memory passes by, I relive the emotions that accompanied it, for just a brief moment, and I almost enjoy it even more than I did the first time. It's quiet, and I am able to just sit here and take it all in, and savour every sweet piece of it for as long as I want.
Without this place, when I'm too caught up in life, I don't get these moments. The days fly by, and I forget to take time to sit and reflect on the day, and to look closely at how blessed I am. I'm glad to be back, and to have these moments again.

As I weeded through hundreds of photos this evening, from throughout the summer, I relived so many good times. I had forgotten about many of them, because life has been so crazy, and the whole summer is a sort of blur! I'm thankful tonight, for the memories captured in photos. Even when life is crazy, I try very hard to take pictures, because I'll always have them to look back on.

We've been upto lots of fun stuff. Summers are full of Birthdays in our family (Myself, Trevor, Cheyna, my mom, and now Novelle!), and we all know I love a good reason to celebrate! So there's been loads of it :) We've taken some day and short weekend trips - the zoo, Niagara Falls, the beach, etc. And, we've just sucked the marrow out of this HOT summer, enjoying every possible moment. As great as it was, I am happy to be wearing jeans and a sweater as fall makes it's presence known this week.

I have a ton of pics to share, but here are some highlights for now.

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