Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I do have to admit, we're not very religious people. We don't go to church, and we don't teach our children to say their prayers nightly. We do however, teach them to be thankful for the wonderful life we have been given, trust in a higher power to keep our family safe, and believe in miracles.

It was very important to me, that my children be baptised. I feel as though it is their right, and they may choose to do whatever they decide, with it. I will take them to church, when they're old enough to understand. And, if they love it, I'll take them often. I will teach them about God, a higher power, someone to pray to when they need strength, courage, or guidance. I will support their religious choices, one hundred percent, and I will help them find their way.
I imagine I'll learn a few things, myself, along the way.

Sunday was Novelle's special day. She was blessed by Trevor's family Pastor, in the comfort of our own home. We had a lovely backyard ceremony, surrounded by family and friends and the well wishes for our little girl were overwhelming. I couldn't be more grateful for the continuous love and support we receive for our children. It's moments like these that I realize, how truly blessed we are.

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