Monday, September 26, 2011

Before and After...Finally!

*Can I get a drumroll please??* It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The grand kitchen reveal! And, the crowd goes wild.... Oh, wait. Maybe it's not that exciting. But nonetheless, those of you who have not yet seen it have been asking. So finally, here it is. Keep in mind, it's not quite done...but like every home project we have ever tackled, I'm certain it will take ages to get it just the way we want it. So, this will have to do.

First, the before pictures. (We had the appliances delivered when we moved in. I should have took a picture with the ancient white would have had a better effect! haha)

As you can see, it has a strong "country" feel to it. Just not my style.
As you can also see, the kitchen was already in great shape. and there was "no need to rear it all out"...which is what my husband's nagging voice will be saying for the next 25 years.

The breakfast bar served no purpose, other than to sit at and eat. It was more of a room divider than anything.

This entire area, all 25 feet of it, was designated living room space.  The area beside the kitchen, near the patio door (You can't see it in these pics, but can in the "after" pics) was the designated "dinette".
But, if you know me well, you know I neeeeed a dining room, for entertaining! Unfortunately, they come far and few between in these new houses, so we had to do some shuffling.
We took the silly long space (which was really a stupid layout, anyways. Not to mention, that we have an upper level family room, plus a finished recroom in the basement, and didn't really need another "tv room"), and made it into the dining area, with a small seating area. The dinette was converted into built in office space, and kids eating/craft area. It's perfect!

So, without further adieu, here it is!

 We added a full kitchen island, complete with 3 drawers, 8 cabinets, and a little microwave niche hidden in the back. The extra storage is uh-mazing.
We want to change the light fixtures in the kitchen. The single light above the sink will be a pot light, and we want to add 2 or 3 hanging pendants above the island. I'm not sure what I'll do yet, with the main light in the kitchen area. Any ideas?

The double oven is a dream, and exactly what I need. I use both ovens super often. The hood range is one of my favorite touches. Oh, and the glass and stone backsplash!

The monstrous fridge has proven to still be too small for our family, as it always seems to be full! But, I am loving it anyways. I LOVE the wine racks, but at the moment, my husband has them stocked with the contents of our liquor cabinet. LOL. I need to stock up on wine.
You can sort of see the office space here, to the right. The big, tall cabinet? That's my new pantry with roll out drawers. *swoon*

We need to replace the window treatments behind the dining room table still. I have them, but we haven't had the time to put them up yet. We'd also like to stain the railing a dark wood color, and replace the front post. That photo screen is hiding the thermostat and some light switches, but it will be replaced with something else, at one point.
You'll also notice there's no light fixture above the table, which makes for a dark meal. We'll be adding something there.

The couch on the right will be gone (one day? My husband gets a weird attachment to furniture, and doesn't like to get rid of anything!), and the 2 chairs will be replaced with some nice slipper style chairs one day. But for now, our MALM chairs from IKEA will do the trick! We also need to replace that light fixture - I think it will also be a pot light. The couch will be replaced with a hutch or sofa table, and I'd also like a new side table.

So, there you have it...the almost-finished-product! I can't WAIT to bake hundreds of Christmas goodies on the massive island space :)

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  1. I love it, Amands!! That is a gorgeous kitchen. You have excellent taste. I think the tiling is my favorite part. I can't wait to own a home someday and do big projects like this!


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