Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Big Day!

He is officially TWO!! We celebrated in style, with the very best friends, today. I've never seen my boy having so much made EVERY single minute of all my hard work completely, and utterly worth it!

His reaction to the decorations this morning was priceless...his smile lit up the whole room, and I knew right then that it would be a great day. (despite the fact that I was running on like 5 hours of is my friend.)

I can hear Jaxson softly snoring, through the baby monitor...and it sounds like such contentment. I'm certain he's feeling the mass amounts of love and blessings we received from friends and family today. We are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our life. Jax was showered with tons of trucks, trains and other fun toys, and the house was full of laughing children, and chattering adults. Not a single thing went was a perfect day.

I am wiped, though, and ready for a hot bath. Here are some quick pictures of the party details. I'll post friends and faces tomorrow!

The food table. The fabric was a thrift store find, that I whipped into a quick table cloth. The flag bunting I made with simple cardstock and ribbon.

Jones soda ("Monster Truck Fuel") with homemade photo labels. I simply printed his picture on sticker paper, and stuck them on! So easy, but they were a huge hit.

Yellow and orange veggies, with ranch dip.

Peach juice, Old Fashioned lemonade, and ice water with lemons.

Delicious truck cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla.

Homemade Marshmallows ("Marshmallow Boulders") in orange and lemon flavors/colors.

Homemade oreo cookies ("Mud Pies"), which were chocolate cake cookies sandwiched with cream cheese icing. They were delicious, and there is not 1 left to be found in this house!

Cheese Popcorn and Corn Puffs ("Trucker Chow"). I made the cones with cardstock, and my silhouette. I made the holder for them out of a cardboard box, and covered it with cardstock. A pain in the butt, but it looked great and served it's purpose.

Chocolate milk ("Mud Shakes") in mason jars, tied with a ribbon and served with a crazy straw.

Orange, pineapple, cantaloupe fruit skewers, peach rings, orange/yellow salt water taffy, and Amooza cheese sticks.

Party Favors for all our little friends - sand buckets with shovels, bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Wrapped in orange and yellow cellophane, and tied with a ribbon.


  1. What an awesome party!! I bet Jaxson had the best of times! Everything looks great, you did an amazing job!

  2. What a fun and creative party!! All of the decorations/food looks amazing! Great job, Amands! I wish you were MY mom :)


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