Thursday, April 7, 2011

76 Days

76 days to go, until our "estimated due date", and we've done it :) The challenge is over, well not over, but the hard part is over! We've sold, we've bought, and now we just need to move! We move in 50 days, giving us 26 days to get settled and prepared for our home birth.

HA, sure, we could say that if my actual "due date" meant anything, but realistically, it's an estimate. This little lady could make her grand entrance at any time, and as long as I'm at least 37 weeks along, we should be all clear for our home birth. So really, I'm hoping to get A LOT done in that first weekend when we move in. Jaxson was a full 2 weeks overdue, so if this little one is anything like her stubborn brother, I will have some extra time on my hands. But she IS a girl after all, and has a mind of her own already I'm sure, so only time will tell. I suppose the priority will be getting the bedrooms set up, the bathroom sparkling clean and maybe the upper level family room cozied up some. That way, I'll have lots of space to move around, a tub to birth in, and a bed to lay in.

I should really start packing, but haven't quite found the motivation quite yet. We're just too busy enjoying life. Today we embraced the beautiful weather, and sucked every last drop of Vitamin D from that warm sun as we could. We walked, and went for muffins and chocolate milk, we blew bubbles, we drew chalk scribbles, we played tag, we grilled steaks and we embraced the sweet taste of the first corn on the cob of the season.

(Jaxson enjoyed it so much that he called it "treaties" and ate 2 full cobs.)

Before dinner, Jaxson came excitedly running into the room saying "Happy!Happy!Happy!". I asked him why he was happy, and he proudly show his number 2 candle, leftover from his birthday, that he had dug out of our junk drawer. "Happy! Happy!" meant Happy Birthday, and those were obviously some happy memories he was recalling. He gave a cute little attempt at singing "Happy Birthday", and then Trevor and I sung it for him, while he beamed from ear to ear. If his Birthday makes him this happy, I wish it could be his Birthday every day! He then tried to blow the candle out, but it was not lit, and he was quite disappointed. So, to prolong the happiness just a little longer, we lit the candle, and sang again...and again, and again, and again.

How could we possibly say no to that face?!

As one more treat to ourselves, Cheyna and I skipped over to the salon, and had our hair cut. The girl loves to be pampered, and I love to give it to her. She's been through a lot, and deserves some feel good time.

And to end the day off perfectly, it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday and it's almost time to enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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