Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day fun, the continuing house hunt, and the sweet smell of spring.

What can I say? We like to celebrate. I'm a self-proclaimed, holiday junkie...I can't help it. I see a new holiday approaching on the calendar, no matter how big or small, and I run with it. I use it as an excuse to make fun crafts with the kids, dress the family in holiday-appropriate-attire (even if it's something as simple as a green shirts, all around), make fun crafts and sing silly songs with the kids. Because it fun, and it makes my heart feel good. Who doesn't love a good celebration? And, while, celebrating St. Patrick's Day around here used to mean going out to some overly crowded pub, having green beer spilled all over you, and listening to the group of rowdy frat boys beside you belt out another rendition of some Celtic anthem you've never heard...times are changin', and so are priorities.

Like sitting in a doctor's office for 2 hours, with your sick little man who's been saying "Ouchy ears, mama" all day. (Turns out he has an awful, double ear infection. It was so nice to hear him tell me what was bothering him, instead of playing the familiar guessing game of "Is he sick? Is he tired? Is he just 2, and terrible?) But hey, at least we lit up that office with our bright green shirts!

Like kicking off the morning with a "fancy" breakfast for the kids. With "real", glass dishes. Because, come on, that always makes the meal fancy in their eyes. (Okay, okay, so I didn't get too creative with green eggs, or anything, because seriously, that just grosses this pregnant girl out!)

Like making shamrock puppets, and singing a silly poem with them, over and over and over again. (Template and poem can be found here)

Like colouring pictures, and sticking green stickers on them. And, singing more silly songs. (Our faves are here, here and here)

Lastly, like decorating the dinner table with whatever green decor we could scrounge up around the house, making place cards, and preparing a yummy steak dinner to go with it all.

We had a good day. And, my heart feels happy to see those kids having fun, and celebrating life. I wouldn't trade it for anything...not even drinking green beer with the guy wearing beer goggles.

Oh! And we were lucky enough to finish off the night with a nice, warm (Yes, I said was like 10 degrees out!) walk around the neighbourhood. It was so nice out. We only spotted a few dirty snow piles that had yet to melt away, and you could just smell spring in the air!
We're definitely looking forward to many more of these nights.

Last, but not least, the house hunt continues. Our to-do list is finally shrinking, and I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. We should be up for sale by Monday. Eep! We're going to see 2 houses tonight - the one with the gorgeous kitchen that I was without Trev earlier this week, and an older, charming little house that was listed recently. It's really cute and I can't wait to share the pictures with you, but I have 2 concerns that will probably take over my decision in the end: 1. The backyard is less than ideal, being a hill that leads down to a ravine. And, 2. The area is not exactly where we are hoping for. But, despite all that, I just have to see this house.

Well, Happy Friday to you all! The sun is shining once again, and we're off to hunt for some dry pavement where we can bust out the sidewalk chalk for the first time.

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