Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

Last night, I stayed up far too late, perusing all sorts of organizational blogs I discovered. These people inspire me....I wish I was organized enough to keep me house in such harmonized bliss!

I came across this post over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, and found my self feeling inspired! Not only is spring quickly approaching, but we're also selling our house! So, what better time to do some serious spring cleaning?!

The list posted over at A Bowl Full of Lemons is fantastic, but I've already begun scrubbing and scouring different areas of the house, so the list didn't really suit me this time.

Here's my plan of attack for today (Main floor only). I haven't yet decided what tomorrow will bring.


Clean all baseboards and window ledges

Clean all windows and mirrors

Wipe down walls, door knobs, light switches, and outlet covers

Replace any burnt out light bulbs, and dust all light fixtures
Vacuum couches, throw pillows and rugs

Dust away cobwebs that have mysteriously sprouted up in the corners of ceilings and stair cases

Wash curtains and couch throws

I guess I better tear myself away from the computer screen, and get busy! Happy Spring Cleaning :)

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