Saturday, March 26, 2011

Seed Packet Favours

Today, we celebrated the very long life of Trevor's grandma, who passed away peacefully back in January. Her children decided they wanted to wait some time before holding the memorial, so it was not until today.
Florence was 94 years old, and an amazing woman. She was so full of spunk and had a great sense of humor, right up until her last breath. She lived in her house, all by herself, up until this past December. She cooked, cleaned, did all the gardening, and was even caught shoveling the driveway on more than one occasion. She was a true inspiration to us all, and we have so many fond memories of her. Her biggest passion in life was her garden...she was out there every day weeding, and pruning, and making everything just right. So, as a small surprise to the family, I made a bunch of little seed packet favours, to give to each guest at her memorial, as a way to remember her this summer.

I used my handy Silhouette machine, and cut out the "hexagon petal closure envelope" template, from Samantha Walker.

I used a variety of pink, and floral papers, because that's what Florence would have liked best.
I purchased a seed mixture called "Butterfly Garden", that is supposed to attract butterflies. I hope that each time someone sees a butterfly in their garden this summer, they will fondly remember her.

I was going to pour the seeds directly into the envelopes, but I was worried the seeds would start sneaking out, so I decided to wrap them in little squares of tinfoil first.

I wrapped them up, nice and tight.

And tucked them away inside the colorful little envelopes.

I placed all of them in a fancy little basket to display at the memorial, along with an explanation of their propose, and a nice poem (God's Garden - perfect for this favor) in frames.

The favours were a big hit, and a touching surprise for my mother-in-law and the rest of the family. There were no envelopes left by the end of the day. I hope there will be many flowers blooming this year, in in honour of a wonderful woman.
Thinking of you always, Grandma Schaub. xoxox

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