Thursday, March 24, 2011

One week.

One week from today my little boy will celebrate his 2nd birthday. I can't believe it. I am feeling much more emotional this year, than I did last year when he celebrated his first - must be the pregnancy hormones. Regardless of the hormones, though, this one just seems so much more profound. At 1 year, they are still SO little - still so completely dependant on you, so cautious and feeble, not quite ready to flit away from the familiar comfort of your arms and explore the big wide world on their own. But two...two years...that's a different story. He loosens his grip on my hand, without a second thought, and bounds into the depths of the unknown, so curious to learn and discover all that life has to offer. He is strong-willed, and bound and determined in everything he does - he wants what he wants, and no one will change his mind. He's growing into his own little person - he's growing into a little boy.
And, I think, the thought of a brand new, teeny tiny baby joining our clan very soon makes all of this very emotional, and bitter sweet for me. My first born, my "baby", is not going to be the baby anymore. He's a big boy...a soon-to-be big brother! And, as much as a look forward to having a new little bundle to hold, my heart wrenches a little bit every time I think about my first little bundle turning into this big bundle.
But then, I hear him bust out his first 5-word sentence today - "Mommy, I can't get them!"- as his little fingers try claw their way into the Smarties Box he's holding, and my heart just about bursts with gratification. The same feeling I feel with every new word, and every new milestone achieved. Saying goodbye to baby-hood is tough, but saying hello to this new world of communication, compassion and understanding? It's bliss. It's like winning the first place ribbon every day and I just can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

I've been working hard all week, trying to get decorations made for the big day. I'll take some photos soon, but everything is turning out great. I can't wait to see his blue eyes light up when he sees the house filled with trucks!
I'm still at a loss as to what to give him. We're thinking a tricycle, seeing he is obsessed with bikes at the moment. I'm not sure he'll quite "get it" yet, but I think he'll just have fun sitting on it, even!

The showings have continued this week, and we've been kicked out of our house every night until about 8pm. I'm exhausted and so ready for this to be over. We had 2 tonight that are apparently "VERY interested", but no offers as of yet. So, here's to hoping they'll sleep on it, and come back tomorrow with some good news for us. Jaxson's party is next weekend, and it'd be really nice to not have to worry about coordinating showings that day.

On a happier note, I spoke with a contractor today about our kitchen renos, and am very excited to do our first walk through with him! At this point, my big decision is kitchen cabinets - I'm torn between white and airy, or a dark, rich look. Decisions, decisions!

So happy tomorrow is Friday. Trevor and I are going to try to escape for a date night - dinner at The Keg, and a late night movie. We haven't done that in ages, and it is desperately needed right now! That being said though, if an offer comes in, we'll likely spend our date night at the Realtor's office making negotiations. Not that I'll make one peep of a complaint about that....but I'm really looking forward to some steak and lobster ;-)



  1. That was beautifully written, Amanda. I'm so happy for you!

    P.S. I'd go for dark cabinets, kids can dirty up white pretty fast :-)

  2. I find I get more emotional with each birthday. That as they grow and learn, they're much farther from being a little baby. I was much more emotional about the 2nd birthday than the 1st, and even more so for the 3rd!

    But watching them grow and understand is so beautiful. I love it. I love the way you wrote it.

    We're planning to get Emma a bike and Hyrum a trike for Christmas. Hyrum will be just shy of 2, so I'm curious to know how it goes for you if you do get one.

    As for the cabinets, either would be gorgeous. But Abbie made a great point about kids getting them dirty! I have crayon on my light oak cabinets...I keep forgetting to clean it off! Good luck and I hope you get an offer soon!


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