Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's UN-official...


Remember that house that we put an offer in on, and another couple also put an offer in, and they declined us both???

Well, they came back to the table today, and were willing to work with our closing date! We negotiated back and forth once, and settled on an offer that we are all very happy with.

So, I say it's un-official, because it's still conditional on the home inspection, financing, and (the biggie) selling our house by April 27th. Eeeek! So now, the pressure is really on!

The house is perfect for us. It has the upper-level family room that I have been lusting after, which will be the kids play room, and sometimes serves as a temporary guest room. I'm thinking maybe a pull out sectional? Not entirely sure how to work that. The basement is completely finished, and will be used as the family/TV room - and, maybe as a space for some crafting. There are 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms - the upper level bathroom has a huge corner tub that I am REALLY looking forward to laboring in, and the basement bathroom has a shower and heated floors - how cozy!! Oh, and the upper level family room, and rec room both have a gas fireplace.
The main level has the kitchen, dinette, and living room. I dislike the kitchen cabinets and flooring, and since this house was on the lower end of our preferred price range, we've decided to add a home renovation cost into our mortgage to put in a new kitchen! I'm very excited about that. I plan to use most of the main floor for kitchen and dining space - the dinette is SO tiny, and I want 8 or 10 seats at my dining room table. So I figure we'll extend the dining space into the living room, and just have a small seating area instead, since we already have 2 other "living spaces" for TV and such :)
Other than that, the house will just need some fresh paint, and we'll be perfectly happy!
Know what else today is?? The first day of my last trimester!! That means we're down to 13 weeks...thank goodness things are starting to move along, or else I may be in a bit of a panic.
(Seems like a nice enough picture, right? You don't even want to know what I cropped out of it! Jaxson had just gotten out of the bath, and was running around naked. He was standing in the background, being a typical boy, and playing with his junk. Uh, yeah....that's my son.)
As for other good news, this is all I will spill for today :) Let's just say 2011 looks to be a promising year for us, with many good things in store. We are feeling very blessed!

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