Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Official!

We're for sale!!!!!!!!

We "officially" hit the system yesterday morning, at 9 am. By 3:00, we had scheduled 6 viewings for yesterday evening!! Woohoo! Our realtor says we got a great response, and there is one couple who came through last night who is, apparently, very interested! We also have 2 showings scheduled for tonight already, and 2 more couples who need to reschedule, but definitely want to see. So, all in all, we're having a great response, and hoping to sell fast! The only "down side" is that we had to be out of our house until after 8:30 last night, which is just SO hard on poor Jaxson :( His sleep schedule has been a complete whirlwind with the house hunt alone - but, now we've factored in the silly time change, AND the selling of our own house, and it's just been completely shot.

On a more positive note, and hopefully without jinxing it, I want to say that it looks like our luck is finally changing. After nothing but bad new, for what feels like months, a recent turn of events has given us some hope! I don't want to say TOO much just yet, but let's just say a few things have happened, and we're excited to see what the near future will bring!
OH! And, for those of you reading from in front of your nice, sunny window, I wanted to share what I woke up to this morning.

Yep, a TON of snow. Just 2 days after we decided to put our patio furniture out.

I really thought spring was here. *insert angry curse words! Bah!*

1 comment:

  1. Oh man, you have way more snow that we do... but it was still an unpleasant surprise to wake up to. Good luck with the sale of your house, it sounds promising so far!


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