Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is it spring yet??

This winter has been awful for colds and flu's in our house. Poor Jaxson can barely get over one virus before the next one hits...and it has hit again! The poor boy didn't sleep all night. He's congested and coughing, and has had a fever for 24 hours now :( It just breaks my heart to see the little guy sick, and suffering.

To make up for the lack of sleep last night, he took quite a few power naps throughout the day, including one with daddy when he got home from work. I snapped a quick picture with one of my nifty iPhone sweet are they? Even the dog had to join in for some snuggles.

The to-do list is coming along, but needless to say, there wasn't much opportunity to get much done today. Mama duties come first. I think we've scratched 3 and a half things off the list...but added 10 more. It's the never ending list!

I'm off to catch some Z's while I can. We had 3 houses scheduled to see tonight, but have re-booked for there won't be much house news until then.

I did, however, make a sweet little banner for Jaxson's birthday, that I will share tomorrow :)

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