Monday, March 28, 2011

The House Saga Continues.

It's neverending. The cleaning, the prepping, the leaving our home at the worst times and camping out at the in laws for a few hours, the just.never.ends. I'm exhausted and worn out, and SO close to wanting to throw in the towel, and say "To heck with it all! We're not moving!"...but, I know I won't be happy with that decision either, and so we stick it out. We clean, we prep, we leave our house time and time again, and we wait. Yesterday we had our first open house. The turnout was fantastic - 27 couples came through, in just 2 hours. Make that 1 hour and 45 minutes, since the realtor in charge of hosting our open house was 15 minutes late. Way to make a first impression. Oh, and the pamphlets she handed out? They had all the correct info, but contained pictures of someone else's house. could say I'm not a happy mama about it all. Unfortunately, our own realtor was with us at our "new house" (hopefully!) for the home inspection (which by the way, went great!), so he sent a replacement for the open house. Won't be doing that again. Apparently the response was good, and everyone really liked the house...but we haven't had any offers come in as of yet. So, we wait. We have a couple more showings scheduled for tonight and tomorrow. Fingers crossed...and maybe toes. The prep for Jaxson's party this weekend continues...I've been up late every night, cutting, and gluing and sewing, trying to get everything just right. It's exhausting, but I'm not going to throw my boy some half-assed Birthday Party just because I'm tired ;-) Nope, it's going to be perfect! Pics to come soon. For now, it's back to the grind, cleaning and prepping, and...oh okay, you get the picture. Happy Monday! P.S. Why isn't this stupid thing showing my paragraph breaks?!

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