Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Great 15 Week Challenge

No, this is not a weight loss challenge. I'm pregnant after all, so that probably wouldn't be a good idea. This is something far more challenging, that I often think I'm crazy, and that I should probably just give it up already. But, NO, I am bound and determined, and going to do it!! Technically this challenge started at least 6 months ago, but it's the kind of challenge that you really can't rush - unless, of course, you're 25 weeks pregnant (Today!), and need to do this before your little bundle arrives. Yea then, you go into frantic, mama-to-be, on a mission, nesting mode...and you call it the 15 weeks challenge. The 15 week challenge to sell your little, old, used to be perfect, first home. And then, buy a new, bigger, and better one. And then, be settled in said new house, and ready for your home birth. In 15 weeks. Yep, I told you we're crazy. (Okay, okay, I confess...I'm the crazy one. My poor husband is just trailing behind me, keeping his mouth shut, and doing what he can to make me happy...because, I am after all, the crazy, hormonal pregnant woman. And, every man knows that a happy wife means a happy life...right?) God bless him for humoring me - he's been working his butt off around here, until midnight most nights, trying to get the house ready for showing. On top of that, he's been silently trailing along to look at countless houses for sale with me and the kids (usually 3 per night), and bribing the kids with treats and candy to keep them happy while we do it. He's a good man.

So anyways, here is the latest. On Saturday I commenced house hunting on my own (with the kids and a very good friend in tow, for a second opinion. I mean, as long as the house has at least 1 "cool" bedroom Cheyna is happy, and some sort of train table or bicycle, then Jaxson is their opinions don't really count). I didn't have very high hopes, because we have already looked at what feels like hundreds of homes, and nothing has felt right yet. But, the 2nd house we saw that day was it. Finally the house that had all the right space for us...finally the house I could picture our growing family in. Trevor worked all weekend, and I anxiously awaited our appointment on Monday for him to see it. He fell in love with it right away, too, and we discussed our plan of attack. The sellers were asking for a closing date of June 13th, and claimed to be firm on this. With our little lady due to be here on the 22nd, this was just not an option for us. We need to be in our new home by May 27th at the very latest. I mean, it's called an "estimated" due date for a reason....realistically, she could be here 2 weeks earlier or 2 weeks later! So, we need to be prepared for that.

So, anyways, we decided to go in aggressively - make them an offer they couldn't refuse, and compensate them generously for the 2 week discrepancy. I get where they're coming from, I really do. They have 3 small children, and who wants to be in limbo between houses and throw off every one's routine?? But frankly, I figured the financial compensation could provide them with a really nice hotel or something for those 2 weeks. Our realtor advised us we were offering too much, but I didn't care. I wanted this house, and was ready to give them whatever they wanted to ensure we got it! So we did it.

In the meantime, we were informed that another family was getting ready to make an offer. I felt confident, though...our offer was great. We anxiously awaited the news all day, and finally got the call 7 minutes before our offer expired. The sellers had declined. They had declined BOTH offers, and didn't even come back with a counter offer!! WHO does that?! Their realtor was completely embarrassed and blown away...he has NO idea what they are thinking. I just don't'd think they would come back with a counter offer, agreeing to the price, but asking for a later date, at least?? I mean, it's just unheard of to simply decline TWO offers, and let your house to continue sitting on the market. It's just crazy!!!

*sigh* So the search continues. Saying goodbye to this house for now, and seeing some more tonight. 15 weeks and counting....the challenge is on.

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