Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, tonight's house was a total bust. I should have brought my camera, so you could see. Right off the bat, we were completely unimpressed - their porch was some slap-job, DIY, wooden mess. Just a bunch of wooden slats nailed together, with 5 rickety stairs attached to railing, or paint, or anything. Blech.
The whole house was DARK...their choice of paint colors ranged from dark brown, to deep burgundy, to navy blue (And, not to mention that half the light bulbs were burnt out in the place). The kitchen was bland, with light colored, oak cabinets, and some terrible back splash that was clearly another shot at a DIY project, and an awkward little island in the middle. Attached was a sunken living room, which may suit some people, but the step down is not really ideal for babies learning to walk.
This was just the main floor, and I could go on and on, but let's just leave it at that. Basically, it was a completely over-priced home, that has obviously not been taken well care of.

So, the search continues.

On a more positive note, some fun pictures.

I've been terrible at taking belly pics with this pregnancy, but managed to snap a 25 weeker today.

I also managed to, amidst this crazy house hunt, finish up Jaxson's birthday invites today.

(I didn't bother taking pictures of the Christmas stamps I ended up sticking on them. Maybe no one will notice.)

Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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  1. That's a shame! Sounds like they'll need to do some major fixing up or expect to drop the price.

    The birthday invites are adorable! I'm slacking on what we're doing for Cole. I think I am in denial that my boy is about to turn 3.


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