Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Banner

I can scratch one thing off my "Birthday Party To-Do List" (Seriously, how many lists can I tackle at once?). Last year I spent hours making Jaxson's banner, so this year I decided to keep it fairly simple, and surprisingly, I am equally as happy with the outcome!
I decided to make a paper flag bunting to start. Originally, I had planned a fabric bunting, which would have been adorable I'm sure, but I'm a little pressed for time this year, so I decided to simplify it.

First, I cut out "flags" from 3 different colors of orange/yellow paper. Instead of cutting a triangle, I cut a diamond, so that I could fold them over the ribbon for easier hanging. It worked out well. I didn't really measure anything, just quickly cut them out with my paper cutter.

I cut out 8 flags, so the banner could read "2 JAXSON 2". (check out the ribbon I scored at Michael's! His birthday colors exactly...and it was on Clearance for $1.00!)

I used my handy Silhouette machine to cut out the letters and numbers for the banner, on 2 different patterned papers, and glued the letters to the flags.

I didn't take any more pictures of the process, but basically, I put a glue dot on each inside point (3 in total), folded each flag over my pre-cut length of ribbon, and sticking it down. Easy peasy!

Unfortunately, the spot I plan to hang the banner (on the front of the table) was too short to fit the whole thing, so I had to eliminate the 2's...but I'll find some other use for those.

What do you think?

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