Friday, March 11, 2011

14 weeks and 5 days

And it goes on, and on, and on...

I'm trying really hard not to get discouraged, but this house hunt sucks. Last night we viewed 4 more homes - 2 were good, and 2 were not so good (okay, one was AWFUL, but we won't even go there.).

This home was perfect. It doesn't have great curb appeal, and looked like the smallest of the 4, but stepping inside was like unwrapping a poorly wrapped gift. It was gorgeous!! And HUGE - 2100 sq. ft. plus basement, 4 bedrooms.

The only down fall was the street it was on. Most of the homes were semis, with 2 massive double car when we looked across the street all wee see were rows and rows of huge garage doors. It just wasn't the nicest view.
This house is gorgeous, right? Great curb appeal, great street, and very nicely sized. Unfortunately, it was at the top of our price range, and we weren't happy with any of the finishes. For the price, we expected ceramic tile, hardwood, etc, but the finishes were all very cheap and tasteless.
THIS was the house, though. We knew it right was perfect. We spent a long time wandering around, checking out all the little details and drooling over everything we loved.
(Like this kitchen, with a 6 person island, and built in wine storage/bar....*drool*)
As we were finishing up, and had decided to head back to the office and write up an offer, our realtor gets a phone call saying they've just received another offer. Great, so now we're competing again!
So once again, we go in full swing, with our very best offer...we figure it can't be beat. And once again....these people want a crazy long closing date, and aren't willing to work with us on our 60-90 day preference!!!! Ugh! So...we lost out, again. :(
I am trying very hard not to get discouraged...our realtor assures us that a 60-90 day closing is the norm, and that we've just had an extremely bad stroke of luck, finding 2 houses we love with extended possession dates - but, it's still hard.
Today is a new day, though, and we're trying to stay positive. Please keep your fingers crossed that something else comes up soon!

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