Monday, March 14, 2011

100 Days

Today is a big day in the countdown - officially 100 days until my due date! Eeep! Jumping from the triple digits to double digits really makes it seem like the clock is ticking!

I am feeling alive again after some (restless) sleep, and a bit of a break from house renos today. We had big plans for the weekend, and were really hoping to get everything done and list our house for sale today, but alas, things didn't go as planned, and we're still not there. Trevor was called out of town for work, unexpectedly, a day early. So, I was left with a half tiled bathroom, and one room without baseboards. In case a half tiled bathroom wasn't bad enough, I woke up this morning to a half tiled bathroom in shambles....overnight, the tiles had shifted and slid down the walls, and it was a complete mess. So, I'm slowly plugging away at peeling them off, and scraping all the adhesive off the wall, but it's not so easy with a toddler hanging off my leg. Luckily, Trevor's parents are coming to my rescue again tomorrow, and we'll get it done.

Keeping our fingers crossed that the house can be listed by Friday! Here's our ever shrinking of things to do:

Un-tile bathroom downstairs

RE-tile bathroom downstairs

lay tile on bathroom floor upstairs

put baseboards in playroom

hang new light fixture in dining room

Pick up dining room table from Alicia's

Finish painting stairs (Just 2 stairs left!)

I think that's it! Hmmm...that puts us at about 2 projects per day this week.


As far as house hunting goes, not much came up today that interested me. I did, however, come across a private listing that I went to see tonight. It was really nice....great area, beautiful kitchen, 3 good sized bedrooms, the upper family room that I love, and no rear neighbours! The cons were an unfinished basement, and non-fenced yard. Oh, and the fact that my husband isn't here to see it with me ;-) So, I think I'll take him on Wednesday to have a look, and see what he thinks! It's at the very top of our price range, so that doesn't leave much compensation for the (pricey) cons.

Here's a peek at the kitchen though....*swoon*
(Obviously the white range good and microwave would need to go!)

Let's see what tomorrow will bring!


  1. Oh wow that kitchen is lovely!! I hope you're able to get all those tasks done to list your house. The 100 day countdown has begun!


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